Boutique hotels are my preferred choice in many locations, and many of my clients feel that way too. Here is why –

Boutique hotels are smaller properties with upscale accommodations and personalized service. Most boutique hotels have anywhere from 10 to 100 rooms to allow a comfortable, intimate experience as an alternative to a regular chain hotel.

These accommodations offer a specific aesthetic or sometimes a theme specific to their location. The owners can also change interiors and upgrade different amenities to their liking, they have the final say in decision making property unique to them.

Questionable Origins

The Morgan Hotel in New York City lays claim to being the first hotel to be considered boutique, with one of the founders comparing his hotel experience to shopping in a boutique store. However, there are many others that make the same claim. The Bedford in San Francisco and The Blakes Hotel in London are also considered the first of this kind of accommodation.

For many guests, these often-unique one-of-a-kind stays can be a destination within a destination with that certain eloquent ambiance. The space is usually very community-oriented with local neighboring markets and shops adjacent to the hotels.

Who Likes a Boutique Hotel?

Well, I do for one. I find however, people who are well-travelled, looking for something a little different, and appreciate customer focused attention are the ones seeking a boutique hotel.

What to Expect

Although each property is entirely unique in its aesthetic and feel, there are a few commonalities within each boutique-style property. Each hotel provides locally inspired food and beverage offerings with architecture that reflects the aesthetics of each destination. The public areas sometimes convey an eccentric personality, exhibiting originality and uniqueness in simple things like the choice of flowers, furniture, designs, and more. These small, personalized changes can transform the whole mood and setting of the themed space.

Many boutique hotels have a great restaurant that caters to not only the guests but can often be popular with locals as well.

Bottom Line

Boutique Hotels offer upscale amenities glittered with a customized appeal relative to each area. The intricate details and custom art will leave the guests in awe and enhance their overall stay. The boutique sector is one of the fastest-growing segments in the hotel industry, making the travelers come back again and again to relive the unique experience.

Do not be fooled by star ratings either. Depending on who is doing the rating, there are different criteria. For instance, a tour operator may rate a hotel as a 5 star, but that is based on the amenities available – fitness centre, salon, spa to name a few, not necessarily the quality of the hotel. Some of my favourite hotel stays have been 3 star rated properties, but that is only based on the lack of amenities I may not be wanting anyway.

I have an excellent selection of client tested boutique properties around the world in my portfolio.

Let me find one for you on your next trip!

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